NEWS: Service Parts Logistics gains Empowerdex rating

[Johannesburg, 31 January 2006] – Service Parts Logistics (SPL), the largest parts solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa, today announced it has obtained a satisfactory Empowerdex rating in a recent exercise.

“We are delighted with this initial rating,” commented Steve Cox, CEO of Microtek, the holding company of SPL, “especially as we already have planned other BEE initiatives that will enable us to achieve an even better rating within the coming months.”

The ‘B’ rates SPL as a satisfactory broad-based BEE contributor with unconstrained operational capacity.

“It is always gratifying to see strategic plans coming to fruition,” continued Cox. “We took a decision several years ago to recruit on attitude, train through mentoring and promote from within. This has now paid huge dividends as we review our historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI) that have blossomed, now dominate our key sales roles and are ready for management positions.

“Our training statistic now consists of 88% of the total workforce and 42% of HDI have been contribution factors to this goal.

“Our total workforce is now over 60% HDI and 50% at senior management level.

“We are committed to enterprise development as we see this as the real future of South Africa to build entrepreneurs,” concluded Cox. “Our own business comes from this stable and we will always consider ourselves entrepreneurs and encourage and train others seeking to run this lesser walked path.”

Empowerdex is an independent economic empowerment rating and research agency, founded in 2001 by Vuyo Jack and Chia-Chao Wu.

For further information, please contact Steve Cox at telephone (011) 699 3300; fax (011) 759 7093

About Service Parts Logistics
Service Parts Logistics (SPL) was founded in 1989 and is still the market leader in service parts management in Africa and the Middle East. Focused exclusively on the Middle East - African ICT services channel and offering parts distribution, service parts solutions, importation, reverse logistics and warranty management. SPL is the largest parts solutions provider in Africa. SPL's specialist skills ensure that there is always very High first pass parts availability, state of the art online ordering and online automated reverse logistics offering full visibility of the supply chain, as well as a dedicated part sales team available by phone, email or online.