Reverse Logistics & Parts Management

SPL automates your RMA process, and our sophisticated IT systems help you to claim every time from your OEMs.

iSuppli is SPL’s proprietary online parts management solution for ASPs, and is currently provided free to SPL customers only (customers, you can find your training videos here). 

It’s been 6 years in the making, and we’ve invested tens of thousands of Rands developing and trialing it – but we’re thrilled to annouce: it’s here! iSuppli helps service providers gain visibility of their returns parts and take control from start to finish in their parts management and returns processes, an area widely considered to be a “black hole” for inventory and costs, and generally poorly tracked as traditional ERP systems have limited functionality in this regard.

The software’s goal is to enable customers to automate and streamline their processes – by reducing inventory tied up in parts (and lost income in non-returned parts), creating reportable digital records (tracking serial numbers, unclaimed warranties and other key details down to part, machine and invoice levels), improving service levels and staff productivity.

iSuppli covers a gamut of issues from reverse logistics warrantee applications to online ordering, backorder management, and full API integration with ERP software.

iSuppli gives you the ability to:

  • Manage returns
    • Generate a new RMA
    • Create new parts returns
    • Bulk upload returns
    • Print bar coded RMA’s to attach to parts
    • Create and view packing lists
    • Immediate notification of part rejection and reasons
  • Manage your account
    • Reconcile statements – view month-end and month-to-date statements
    • View invoices, credit notes, and PODs
    • Allocate payments
  • Run mission-critical reports
    • View and export due returns and outstanding parts reports in priority order
    • Get information on the current status of an existing RMA
    • Get information on the current status of an outstanding part
    • View the in-transit and delivery confirmation information
    • Examine the complete history of a part or order
    • Check on the credit status of a returned part
    • View and Print POD’s as they are generated by the couriers (up to the minute accurate)
  • Create a seamless end-to-end parts management structure
    • Integrated parts management and reverse logistics – fully integrated with our OEMs
    • Complete parts profiling solution – based on your install base and failures
    • Full visibility of a closed loop system – whilst taking advantage of SPL’s local stock and consolidated shipping of parts – allowing you to outsource debtors risks, SLAs, stock holdings and day to day issues to SPL if you choose
    • Place part orders with SPL online at preferential rates
    • See SPL inventory status
    • View backorders times and status
    • Web service (API) integration with your internal software suite to conduct all of the above via your own native interfaces

What’s more, with iSuppli you can also search by part, purchase order, RMA, serial number, tag number, and date range and invoice number. Plus, iSuppli can interface with all major ERP software and your other internal management software through our open-architecture API (web-service) – which allows full and seamless end-to-end parts management. We give you the information and resources you need to help better manage your entire supply chain network.

Learn more about how SPL and iSuppli can benefit your business with lead times measured in hours and absolute transparency through our proprietary software – get in touch with and arrange your free demo!