NEWS: SPL to set goalposts in laser printer consumables

SPL (Service Parts Logistics) is proud to announce they have joined forces with Katun Corporation, the world’s leading alternative supplier to the office equipment industry.

SPL now offers a wide range of high-quality Katun toners and spare parts for laser printers and MFPs, as well as Katun accessories, including tool kits, specialised lubricants, vacuum cleaners, and other items that technicians need to provide outstanding service.

“Developing into the consumables side of the vast laser printer and MFP market has been a natural progression for us at SPL, even though we deliberately stayed clear of this market previously,” said SPL Managing Director, Mr Des Stroud. “We now feel we have the right product and partner to successfully grow this business over the next few years.”

Who is Katun Corporation? Katun was founded more than 30 years ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and over the past three decades has focused on supplying distributors and dealers worldwide with extremely high-quality copier, printer, MFP and duplicator toners, inks, spare parts and accessories. They now service 18 000 dealers and distributors in more than 150 countries.

One of Katun’s strengths is quality. Katun Performance printer products are developed and extensively tested to ensure print quality comparable to that of OEM products in the areas of image density, yields, background levels, fusing performance, and colour reproduction (when applicable).

Katun is a well-known name in the copier industry, but only recently entered into the printer market, where they are quickly making a name for themselves by producing a wide range of quality new-build toner cartridges and high-quality printer components for use in remanufacturing of printer cartridges for many of the more popular OEM laser printer models.

“At Katun, we are helping legitimise the printer toner aftermarket,” says Robin Mowatt, regional manager, Katun Southern Africa. “In Southern Africa, the legitimate imaging supplies aftermarket sometimes gets lumped in with the ‘drill and fill remanufacturing’ aftermarket. Some drill and fill remanufacturers have a reputation for not always providing the best product or service.”

“In contrast,” Mowatt continues, “Katun vigorously tests every new Katun Performance toner product, whether it is a colour or monochrome laser cartridge, to ensure that performance of the toner and cartridge either match or exceed those of the OEM. After product launch, these products are tested periodically to ensure production quality is maintained. So with Katun, the customer will get a quality product, at very competitive pricing.”

Regarding Katun’s supplier relationship with SPL, Mowatt adds: “The road ahead is not a quick fix, but a long focused trip in developing the channel with SPL, and their clients, and potential clients, one step at a time. We look forward to the challenge and anticipate great success.”

Another first for the South Africa market is that top-of-the-range Katun Performance brand printer cartridges have a two year warranty, offering a swap out on defective cartridges.

In summary, 2010 looks like it will be providing many exciting opportunities for SPL and Katun, while providing their mutual customers high quality, competitive costs and outstanding value.

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